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Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter China supplier


Feature :

Temperature transmitter module designed for high performancetemperature transmitter HART protocol. Support PT50, PT100, PT500, PT1000 four kinds of heat resistance and E, J, B, K, N, R, S, T eight kinds of thermocouples. Support and resistance measuring millivolt signal. Isolation Voltage
Transmitter Header
Transmitter Header


Functional Specifications
User-selectable. See Table 2 on page 8 for sensor options.
2-wire device with either 4–20 mA/HART, linear with temperature
or input, or completely digital output with FOUNDATION fieldbus
communication (ITK 5.0.1 compliant).
Input/output isolation specified to 500 Vdc (500 Vrms 707 V peak)
at 50/60 Hz.
Humidity Limits
0–99% relative humidity.
Update Time
Approximately 0.5 seconds for a single sensor (1 second for
dual sensors)

• RTDs: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is greater, for
24 months.
• Thermocouples: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is
greater, for 12 months.
5 Year Stability
• RTDs: - ±0.25% of reading or 0.25 °C, whichever is greater,
for 5 years.
• Thermocouples: - ±0.5% of reading or 0.5 °C, whichever is
greater, for 5 years.