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UE electronic explosion-proof pressure switch agent suppliers

UE pressure switchSpecification :

Output:  SPDT, DPDT or dual SPDT 

Wetted materials:

Buna N diaphragm and O-Ring with epoxy coated aluminum, 1/2” 

NPT (female) pressure connection, large 0.72" orifice for clean-out purposes

Welded 316L stainless steel diaphragm and 1/2” NPT (female) pressure connection,

 large 0.72" orifice for clean-out purposes

pressure deadband :See Individual model charts on pages 5-14

Basic information :

explosion-proof pressure switch is the action of the micro-dynamic switch caused by pure mechanical deformation.

When the pressure increases, the effect on different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, corrugated pipe,

 the piston) produce deformation, will move up, by rail the spring, etc. The mechanical structure, eventually start

 at the top of the micro switch, the electrical signal output, set way from the function principle and divided into

 continuous displacement and force balance.The explosion-proof pressure switch is divided into mechanical

 explosion-proof pressure switch and UE electronic explosion-proof pressure switch, and the mechanical type is

 divided into ordinary and sealed type.

UE electronic explosion-proof pressure switch,

UE electronic explosion-proof pressure switch,

UE electronic explosion-proof pressure switch,

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