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yokogawa EJA510A and EJA530A Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters

  yokogawa EJA510A and EJA530A Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters Supplier Manufacturer 

Basic information :

The absolute and gauge pressure transmittermodel EJA510A and EJA530A can be used to measure

liquid, gas, or steam pressure. Both output a 4 to 20mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure, and also feature remote setup and monitoring through communications with the BRAIN™ terminal and CENTUM CS™ or µXL™ or HART® 275 host.

Feature ;

Output “”

Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal.

Ambient Temperature Effects

Total Effects per 28 C (50 F) Change

[0.15% Span  0.15% URL]


0.1% of URL per 12 months

Vibration Effects

0.1 % of URL

(5 to 15Hz; 4mm peak-to-peak constant displacement, 15 to 150Hz; 2g, 150 to 2000Hz; 1g)

Supply & Load Requirements

(Safety approvals can affect electrical requirements, see graph below)

With 24 V DC supply, up to a 570  load can be used.