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1151 Pressure Transmitter- Rosemount -offers
Jun 05, 2017

This manual describes the following Model 1151 Alphaline® Pressure

Model 1151DPDifferential Pressure Transmitter
measures differential pressure from 6 inH2O to 1,000 psi (1.493 to 6895 kPa).
Model 1151HPDifferential Pressure Transmitter
for High Line Pressures measures high line pressures from 25 inH2O to 300 psi (6.22 to 2668 kPa).
Model 1151GPGage Pressure Transmitter
measures gage pressure from 6 inH2O to 6,000 psi (1.493 to 41369 kPa).
Model 1151APAbsolute Pressure Transmitter
measures absolute pressure from 25 inH2O to 1,000 psi (6.22 to 6895 kPa).

Basic information :
Rosemount Model 1151DP, GP, HP, and AP transmitters may be mounted in several ways. They may be panel-mounted, 

wall-mounted, or attached to a 2-inch pipe through an optional mounting bracket.Figure 2-1 shows the transmitter dimensions.

 The following paragraphs discuss factors necessary for a successful transmitter installation.

1151 (9).jpg1151图.jpeg

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