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4-20mA Output Rosemount Electromagnetic Flow Meter China supplier
Jun 01, 2016

                   4-20mA Output Rosemount  Electromagnetic Flow Meter  China supplier 

Basic Info.

Model NO.8700Accuracy:±0.1-0.5%
Main Application:WaterSize:Dn10~160
Sensor:Tube/FlangeApplication:Industrial Production
Type:Electromagnetic Flow MeterMeasuring Media:Liquid
Measuring Principle:Electrical PrinciplesMeasurement Object:Open Channel
Certification:GB, SGS, ISOPackage:Carton or Plywood Case
Trademark:Shuang huanOrigin:China Jiangsu Changzhou
Medium Conductivity:> 5us/ CmVelocity:0.3 ~ 12m/S
Lining Material:Neoprene, Polyurethane, PTFE, F46, PFAElectrode Material:316L, Ti, Hc, Ta, PT
Power Supply:220V AC(90-245V 50/60Hz) or 24V DC(20-36V)Power:≤10 Va
Output Communicate:RS 485, HartFlange Standard:GB/T9115.1-2000
Model:Flange TypeHS Code:9026900000

Production Capacity:1000 Sets/Year

Product Description

LCD Display PTFE Lining Electrode 316L Output Signal Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Technology of electromagnetic flow meter:
Model: LDS4000 series (flanged type, disjunct type)
Size: DN10 ~ DN160
Medium conductivity: > 5uS/ cm
Velocity: 0.3 ~ 12m/s
Accuracy : ± 1.0%  ± 0.5%  (optional ± 0.3%)
Enviroment temperature: - 20 ~ + 60 ºC
Medium temperature: T1≤65 ºC  T2≤120 ºC  T3≤160 ºC
Norminal pressure: 0.6MPa  1.0MPa  1.6MPa  2.5MPa  4.0Mpa
                                 DN10~80: PN≤4MPa       DN100~150: PN≤1.6MPa
Lining material: neoprene, polyurethane, PTFE,  F46,  PFA
Electrode material: 316L, Ti, HC, Ta, Pt
Power supply: 220V AC(90-245V 50/60Hz)  or 24V DC(20-36V)
Power: ≤10 VA
Defend grade:  flange typ        IP65
Disjunct type     Sensor IP67,IP68(inmmersion type),transformer IP65
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA(load resistant 0-750Ω),  pulse/frequency, levcon
Output communicate: RS 485,HARTx
Electric connection: M20*1.5 femalel thread Φ10 cable hole or M22*1.5 femalel thread Φ12 cable hole
Flange standard: GB/T9115.1-2000

Feature of electromagnetic flow meter:

1. Non pressure loss.It hasn't choched flow body and active component  in measuring tube, neither additional pressure loss nor cause jams, thus the effect of saving energy is remarkable, especially applied to measuring the flow rate of liquid-solid diphasic liquid  such as sewage, slurry, ore pulp,paper pulp,etc.

2. Widely  application  There are only lining and electrode to contact the medium, so only to choose the lining and electrode materials reasonably, it can achieve good corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance to measure the chemical solution such as corrosive acid, alkali,etc.

3. Low require of installing straight pipeline.Up straight pipeline needs 5D, down straight pipeline need 2D (D is the diameter of the meter)

4. High reliability.The reading of measurement is unrelated to the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity, the environment  has no influence on it , so the flowmeter  worked   precision and work relialibly.

5. Doubleaction measurement.The flow direction can be set up, sensor installation is unlimited to the flow direction, so it can achieve doubleaction measurement

DN(mm)Max. Flow option(m 3 /h)