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475 Hart Communicator -Emerson- Rosemount
Jun 01, 2017

The sections in this manual provide the following information on the 475 Field Communicator.

Section 2: Learning the basics contains information on assembly, components, starting, entering standby, 

shutting down, settings,supported PC applications, and maintaining the 475 Field

Section 3: HART functionality contains information on starting and configuring the HART® Application,

 working offline, communicating with HART devices, modifying device parameters, and running diagnostics.

Section 4: Fieldbus functionality contains information on starting and configuring the Fieldbus Application,

 communicating with fieldbus devices, modifying device parameters, and running diagnostics.

Section 5: Troubleshooting provides solutions to the most common 475 Field Communicator operating problems.
Appendix A: Reference data provides physical, functional, and performance specifications.
Appendix B: Product certifications contains hazardous location and international certifications, European directive

 information, and approval drawings.
Appendix C: Graphics information contains an overview of the Graphics functionality and options in the 

475 Field Communicator.

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