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Honeywell Gauge Pressure Transmitter Supplier
Aug 06, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info
Product Description
Good Quality Low Price Compact Gauge Pressure Transmitter

1. Ceramic core element
2. Low cost, compact structure
3. Simple installation
4. Stainless steel case
5. Die-casting aluminum shell are selectable.

Pressure range
0 to 100 kpa ^^ 0 to 60Mpa

Overload pressure
1.5 times rated pressure (1.5X)
Failure pressure
2.5 times rated pressure (2.5X)

± 0.5%F. S

Typical 0.25%F. S, Max.: 0.4%F. S

Operating temperature
-40° C~85° C

Compensate temperature
-10° C~70° C

Medium compatibility
All corrosive medium compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Electrics feature
Two-wire type
Three-wire type

Output signal

4~20mA 0~5V 1~5V 0.5~4.5V 0~10V   

Power supply

10~30VDC 8~30VDC 5V(ratio) 12~30VDC

Load resistance
(U-10)/0.02(Ω) >20kΩ

>100M Ω@50V

Electrics intensity
500V@60 second

10g/5~2000Hz, axes X/Y/Z20g sine 11ms

Pressure durable
2× 106pressure period @25° C

Display range

Electrics connector
Hirschmann, air plug, solid line sets outlet, waterproof outlet

Pressure junction

M20× 1.5, G1/4, G1/2, R1/2, NPT1/2

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