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Pressure Switch UE
May 02, 2016

                    Pressure switch UE  EX-work price 

Type :

J120 - Explosion -proof pressure switch 

H100- Pressure swith without Explosion -proof

Temperature switch 

Meets global requirements with worldwid certifications and approvals

Increase flexibility with multiple outputs

Easy installation via dual electrical conduit openings

Simplify wiring through easy-to-access terminal block

Match process requirements with an assortment of available sensors

Improve accuracy with ultra-low pressure ranges

Feature :

Standard product approvals include cULus, ATEX & IECEx

Optional approvals for Russia,Ukraine, China, India and Korea

Many models compliant to NACE


Internal adjustment hex or external adjustment via calibrated dial(s) with tamper-resistant cover

Integral cover lock

SPDT, DPDT or dual SPDT output

Wide variety of sensor materials

Optional Hastelloy® and Monel® sensor material for corrosive media

Wide adjustable deadband models

Flush mount sensors

Heat tracing temperature models

Most models available for immediate delivery!